The Power of the Crimp

9th December 2019  | By Chad

Integraflex have specialised in large bore swaging since they opened for business in 2009

External swaging or ‘crimping’ as it’s sometimes known, is the prescribed method of attachment for composite, PTFE and hydraulic hoses but is a relatively new innovation for use on ‘industrial’ rubber hose. The reason being that it is a very skilful job to consistently swage mandrel-built hose that due to it’s manufacturing process, does vary in outside diameter and wall thickness. Therefore it needs the skill and experience of an expert to constantly assess and adjust settings to ensure a safe and leak-proof connection time after time.

When mastered however crimping, is the safest and most effective way of securing hose fittings into hose assemblies and increasing numbers of customers are turning away from traditional methods of attachment such as clips, clamps and band & buckle in preference of swaging.

Integraflex work very closely with precision engineering companies to develop safe, durable and cost effective swage ferrules and fittings and are proud to have some of the most experienced hose crimpers in the business.

We currently swage all sizes up-to DN200( 8”NB) but have plans to extend this to DN300( 12”) and possibly beyond!

Contact us to discuss any aspect of hose swaging.