9th December 2019  | By Chad

Integraflex Yorkshire have been working on a new product!

This is an oil resistant hose with built in flanges designed to bend at 90 degree.

We had an application for a vent hose for a 10 ton drop hammer in an industrial forge works.

Originally they were using fabricated steel bends an pipes but because of the forces being created by the weight of the hammer dropping , the welds on the pipework were cracking and failing.

We proposed to replace it with a heavy duty but flexible hose / bend to  alleviate this problem.

Due to the flanges being built in to the flexible rubber hose, the vibration and force from the drop hammer is absorbed, therefore any fatigue is vastly reduced.

It is designed so that it can bend to 90 degree without affecting the integrity of the bore.

Also it has an oil resistant inner as the hammer will vent air with an oil mist trace.