Pontoon Lower Hose Coupling

9th December 2019  | By Chad

Integraflex Yorkshire was asked to come up with a flexible hose solution for part of a new built river water extraction pump station in Ikom and Itigidi- water treatment plants in Nigeria,  by a locally based UK company that had designed, supplied and installed the extraction system.

The hose had to be large bore  16” with enough flexibility to enable it to move with the pontoon, but also to be hard wearing and abrasion resistant to withstand the harsh environment it would  be placed in. The hoses had to be fitted with a system of 400 mm rigid sections (nipples) due to the strain that is put on the flange bolts so that the flanges would simply not tear away from the body of the hose. Our hose knowledge was put to the test, but due to our wide ranging hose manufacturing solutions we were able to build the right hose that was up to the Job.

A total of 8 hoses have now been supplied as part of this completed project by Integraflex Yorkshire, the last two pictured on the way  out to Nigeria next week.