Supertram- Breakfast in Attercliffe

9th December 2019  | By Chad

Graeme Rowley of Integraflex Yorkshire recently assisted Sheffield Supertram with a requirement for a unique polyurethane rubber buffer. The buffer is mounted on dampers and is attached to both ends of the Supertram, and acts as a ‘bumper’ in the unlikely event of the Tram having a collision.

Graeme worked with the engineers to ensure that the density, durability and sizing of the moulding was exactly to specification, the prototypes fitted like a glove and Integraflex will be supplying buffers to fit all new and existing trams.

Graeme explains the background;

 “This is a new project for Stagecoach Supertram. We have re-designed a new front cab buffer to act as protection for other road users and pedestrians.

The buffer is now manufactured in polyurethane as opposed to the original rubber type. By using polyurethane we can significantly reduce the risk of past problems where the buffer degrades over time.

Therefore it will not leave any sharp or torn surfaces which were apparent before and will function far more safely should it come into contact with any other object or person.

It will also offer better protection for the tram itself as polyurethane will hold its integrity much better should a collision occur. Obviously the safety factor is paramount on a project like this, not only to pedestrians and traffic but to the operators and passengers of the tram. We are confident that this has been achieved”

Integraflex get involved in a diverse range of projects that utilise rubber in all shapes and sizes, from silicone mouldings used on Lotus sportcars to Horse-Box matting and also offer a strip cutting service for rubber and cellular(sponge) materials.