Safer Hose Testing

9th December 2019  | By Chad

Integraflex Yorkshire have been looking for some time for a safer way to carry out hydrostatic testing of hose assemblies. Full traceability and proof pressure testing is increasingly requested by clients, yet despite this increase in demand, it has proven to be incredibly difficult to find an off-the shelf solution to our requirements. So we decided to design and build our own cabinet, and we’re pretty happy with the results.

The cabinet will allow hoses to be safely tested and has clear polycarbonate panels for which will allow visual inspection of hose testing whilst keeping the operators safe in the unlikely event of a hose ‘blowout’.

All hose assemblies will be pressurised and vented whilst enclosed in the cabinet and to ensure we’re doing our bit for the environment, we will filter and recycle the water we use in testing.

Please contact Integraflex (Middlesbrough) or Integraflex Yorkshire (Sheffield) for all you test & repair requirements.