Road & Rail Tankers

Integraflex has developed a high quality ,competitively priced composite hose offer which will cover the requirements of the Bulk Tanker Market.

Our composite tanker hoses are manufactured in accordance with EN ISO 13765:2010 and is available with our own brand or as a generic branded product.The major product types are

GP Chemical – Polypropylene films with a Polyprop coated inner wire and galvanised outer wire( Compchem PG) – 14bar Working Pressure

PTFE Chemical – PTFE inner films with a 316St/Steel inner wire and galvanised outer wire( Compflon SG) – also available with St/Steel outer wires and FEP liners – 14bar Working Pressure

GP Oil – Polypropylene films with galvanised inner & outer wires( Compoil GG) -10bar Working Pressure

Lightweight Fuel – Polypropylene films with Aluminium inner & Galvanised outer wires( Compoil- Light AG) -7bar Working Pressure

All assemblies can be supplied with BSP Male or Female, Flanged, Cam Couplers & Adaptors, Bauer type, URT male & female – in a variety of end materials.

All hose assemblies are assembled in accordance with BS

We guarantee that every Composite hose manufactured is 100% hydrostatically tested to 1.5 times the maximum working pressure, tested for full electrical continuity <10 ohms, supplied with an individual test certificate that is fully traceable.

Tanker Reeling Hose 35mm & 38mm

Bio Diesel delivery

Ad-Blu delivery Hose

Gravity Feed diesel drop assemblies

Gunmetal BSP Adaptors

Stainless Steel BSP Adaptors

Aluminium BSP Adaptors

Leather,Nitrile,PTFE and Polypropylene washers

Coupling or C Spanners

Tanker Straps

Blank Caps & Plugs in Gunmetal, St/Steel and Polyprop – BSP & URT threads

API ‘ Elephants Feet’ x Cam Adaptors

Weld Nipples

Conical Strainers.