We are about to go-live with our brand new Hose Management programme that replaces our very reliable but ‘mandraulic’ legacy system.

We have researched a number of options and have gone with a proven system that is increasingly used in the Offshore sector.In time we will be able to scan RFID or Barcodes fitted to hoses using a smart-phone or tablet and transmit the information direct to the register which is ‘Cloud’ based and accessible to clients who are in partnership with us on a hose management programme.

So , for example, if we were to visit site and test hoses, by scanning the individual hose tag , we can instantly update the hose register in real-time and produce a test certificate, which saves a lot of time, ensures that data is consistent and held in one place, and it also means ther are  ‘ two sets of eyes” monitoring the ‘test before’ dates for hoses in use.

Exciting times, watch this space as we keep you updated.