Integraflex were recently awarded an order for specialist rubber dock loading hoses worth over £55k, but what makes this order really special is that it’s the first time an alternative supplier has been allowed to quote for the hose assemblies, such is the critical nature of the application.

Wayne McGough, Integraflex Director explains;

“ We have been working with the client for over five years, and it’s because we have consistently delivered and proven the quality of both our products and our service, that we have gained their trust to supply such a critical piece of equipment. Not only does the integrity and safety of the hose assemblies have to be beyond question, but we also had to work incredibly closely with our supply partners to ensure that we did not miss the deadline, which was absolutely critical. These are large hoses up-to 12” bore and need specialist cranes to put into position, so we were at the centre of a pretty complex logistical operation, which had to be delivered on-time. Thankfully everything went as planned and we have another happy client”


The hoses in question were various lengths of Viton rubber suction & delivery hoses 8” and 12” nominal bore with built-in carbon steel ANSI 150 flanges.

 Integraflex offer a complete range of hand-built and bespoke hoses for ship-shore, dock loading, dredging and pumping application. Please contact us with your enquiry.