Hose Identification & Register Management

Integraflex has worked tirelessly to develop a simple, durable and cost-effective hose identification system that remains visible and legible and ensures compliance with any audit programme carried out by internal or external parties.

We discovered that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution but have developed a range of proven ID options that can be individually tailored to suit specific customer demands


Inexpensive,durable and can be printed with company logo, date, unique tag number and available in a range of ten colours.Our specially printed labels ensure the legend is effectively ‘tattooed’ into the heatshrink, ensuring that the information remains crisp,clear and legible, even when hoses are dragged around site and exposed to harsh environmental elements.Heatshrink is also flame retardant( UL94VO) making it suitable for use in mining applications.


For larger sized hoses we offer a range of tie-on tags, that can be printed in the same manner as heatshrink, but are secured using standard cable ties, stainless steel ball-lock ties or special clear waterproof tape.We have a number of sizes and type available, please contact us for samples.


Some clients prefer an engraved anodised aluminium tag which is secured to the hose using st/steel wire.


For certain Offshore applications a stainless steel plate or stamped band is preferred.Stainless Steel plates are laser etched with your specific data, whereas stamped bands carry a simple yet effective hose I.D. number and date of test or re-test.


We are delighted to offer the latest RFID technology for hose & asset management.Using a simple high-visibility urethane cable tie or saddle clamp, a tiny transponder is permanently attached to the hose assembly.This carries a wealth of information about the hose assembly including date of manufacture, test pressure, date last tested, plant location, etc which can be read using a hand-held scanner.Any changes to the information can be sent directly to Cloud based software that ensures that all asset/hose registers are kept permanently upto date and gives real-time visibility of stock levels, locations and test dates.Please contact us for to arrange a demonstration.


Barcodes can be printed onto heatshrink and tags and offer similar benefits to RFID but do not allow the same level of information to be recorded.


Integraflex have invested heavily in state of the art hose management systems that offer clients the ability to sign into a secure server and view their own personal hose register, that will prove invaluable in the co-ordination of hose testing programmes, ensuring compliance with Internal & external quality and SHE audits.Test Certificates are uploaded onto the customer register and copies can be downloaded at any time.

When used in conjunction with the above tagging options, we believe that this system offers an unrivalled hose management solution.

Please contact Paul Richardson or Wayne McGough to discuss this offer further or to arrange a demonstration.